Best Practices in Risk Management: Private and Public Sectors Internationally

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Annotated Bibliography
for the Study on:

Best Practices in Risk Management:

Private and Public Sectors Internationally”

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Introduction 3

What is Risk Management, Why Risk Management 4

Strategic: 6

Frameworks, Modeling, Tools & Training 6

Governmental: 8

Canadian, International 8

Operational 9

Health & Safety 9

Finance 9

Environmental 11

Insurance 12

Human Resources 13


In FY 1998-99, KPMG was engaged in a contract with the Treasury Board Secretariat to produce a report identifying best practices in risk management in the private and public sectors internationally. The study objective was to identify risk management best practices including strategies, approaches, methods, tools and techniques and how they can be used in the Canadian federal government.

The final report, entitled “Best Practices in Risk Management: Private and Public Sectors Internationally” focuses on “best” practices, i.e., practices that were particularly effective in helping an organization achieve its objectives for managing risk and are deemed to be of value to other organizations. The study highlights risk management practices that have been integrated into other management practices such as those for planning and decision-making. It also looks at the strategies for planning, developing, implementing and monitoring risk management.

A significant component of the research behind the study consisted of a broad literature review. The study sample of 228 relevant publications contained much valuable information and was consolidated into an annotated bibliography. The annotations provide reference information and brief descriptions of the articles. To help readers target their areas of interest, the articles have been grouped into a number of categories: general (the what and why of risk management), strategic, governmental and operational.

The bibliography reflects the international focus of the study. Readers wanting Canadian articles can refer to the companion best practices study, “Review of Canadian Best Practices in Risk Management”, prepared by Performance Management Network Inc.

The Canadian and international study reports on risk management best practices are available at: under Policies and Publications, Risk Management.General:

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