Behavioral Activation Group Therapy Therapist Manual

Daily Activity Schedule Review

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Daily Activity Schedule Review

Purpose: To assess the type and quantity of activities to better understand the patient’s routines and regular activities. This helps the therapist to better understand why the person is receiving little pleasure from life.

Method: Introduce the Daily Activity Schedule to the patients during a group and explain that it can be very valuable to keep a record of one’s activities throughout the day so that suggestions for changes in behavior, based on this information, can be made.

A patient completes a Daily Activity Schedule during the second week of therapy and brings it to the session. The therapist reviews it during the session and notices that the patient engages in very few activities that provide and sense of mastery or pleasure. Yet the patient does essentially the same activities day after day. The therapist might bring this to the patient’s attention and make some suggestions for changing the patient’s routine so that it includes activities that are more likely to produce pleasure.


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