B. A. University of California Economics & Psychology 1976

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Department of Psychology 1511 Bowers Road

Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA Ellensburg, Washington 98926 98926 (509) 963-2368; fax (509) 963-2307 (509) 962-1759


B.A. University of California Economics & Psychology 1976

Los Angeles (UCLA)

M.A. UCLA Psychology 1977

Ph.D. UCLA Social & Industrial/Organizational 1981


Professional Experience
Professor Department of Psychology 1997-

Central Washington University

Director of Assessment Pacific Northwest University 2006-

of Health Sciences

Associate Professor Department of Psychology 1990-1996

Central Washington University

Director Organization Development 1999-2004

Program, Central Washington Univ.

Co-Director Organization Development 1990-1998

Program, Central Washington Univ.

Visiting Assistant Department of Psychology 1989-1990

Professor Portland State University

Consultant Portland, Oregon 1985-

Ellensburg, Washington

Specialty Foods Safeway Stores, Inc. 1983-1985

Director Portland, Oregon


Performance management system creation and assessment for the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Yakima, Washington.

Program evaluation for Kittitas County Assault Prevention/

Anger Management Workshops, Ellensburg, Washington.
Performance management analysis and climate assessment for the Kittitas County Action Council, Ellensburg, Washington.
Restructuring analysis for Golden Northwest Aluminum Company, The Dalles, Oregon, and Goldendale, Washington.
Survey construction and survey data analysis for the Upper Grant Conservation District, Ephreta, Washington.
Statistical performance and productivity assessment for Goldendale Aluminum Company, Goldendale, Washington.
Program development, facilitation and implementation of a Total Quality Management intervention in the North Pacific region of the CH2MHILL engineering company; resulting in teamwork and statistical process control training for all employees, Seattle, Washington.
The development and implementation of a testing procedure

evaluating the group process and leadership competencies of interns subjected to teambuilding at the Veterans Adminis-

tration Medical Center, Portland, Oregon.
Curriculum development of a series of courses on group process for the Accelerated Degree Program, Department of Business and Management, Concordia College, Portland, Oregon.
The development of interviewing, questionnaire construction, and other market research skills among high-tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists for the Center for Entrepreneurial Ventures, Oregon Small Business Development Corporation, Portland, Oregon.
Counseling, facilitation and consulting services given to displaced workers attempting to start their own businesses for the Dislocated Workers Project, Portland, Oregon.
Market research questionnaire development, focus group interviewing, data analysis and report generation for Grandma Pfiffers, Inc., Portland, Oregon.
Consulting, continued
The development and implementation of a stress reduction program for administrators and teachers at the Albina

Headstart Program, Portland, Oregon.

Facilitations, Seminars and Workshops
Facilitated the employee creation of a vison statement for the Yakama Nation Gaming Commission, Topennish, Washington.
Presented a seminar on “Why Americans Are Hated” to the Central Association of Lifelong Learning, Ellensburg, Washington.
Guest on “The Right Opinion”, a talk show hosted by Matt Manweller on January 14th, 2005 on the topic of National Service
Presented on Cults to the Douglas Honors College at Central Washington University
Led a workshop on post-incident stress reduction for employees of the City of Ellensburg Public Works Department
Presented a seminar on The Mindset of a Terrorist to Washington State law enforcement personnel
Facilitated a group process retreat for the Central Washington University Army ROTC officers and staff
Led a workshop on group development stages for the parents and staff of the Little Valley Cooperative School

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