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The Australian Naval Institute was formed and incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory in 19/75. The main objects of the Institute are:

  • To encourage anil promote the advanecment of knowledge related to the Navy and the maritime profession.

  • to provide a torum lor ihe exchange of ideas eonecrning subjects related to the Navy and the maritime profession, and

  • to publish a journal.

The Institute is self-supporting and non-profit-making. All publications of the Institute will stress that Ihe authors express their own views and opinions are not necessarily those of the Department Of Defence, the Chief of Naval Staff or the Institute. The aim is to cneouragc diseussion. dissemi­nation of information, comment and opinion and the advancement of professional knowledge con* coming naval ami maritime matters.

The membership ot the Institute is open to:

  • Regular Members. Regular membership is open to members of the RAN. RANR. RN/N or KN/.NVR and persons who having qualified for regular membership, subsequently leave the service.

  • Associate Members, Associate membership is open to all other persons not qualified to be Regu­lar Members, who profess an interest in the aims of the Institute.

  • Honorary Members. Honorary membership is open to persons who have made a distinguished contribution to the Navy or the maritime profession, or by past service to the institute.

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