Assessment issues arising from Subject Benchmarking Statements

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Outcomes of the analyses

The outcomes of the analysis of the detail in which benchmark statements were presented is given in Table 1 (appendix 2)

The grid of subjects x performance expectations6 is given in Table 2 (appendix 3). In the grid a differentiation is made between abilities/skills that are specifically identified in the performance criteria (or that can be strongly inferred to be present), and those that are present in the statements as expectations.

Interpretation of the analyses

Level of detail: Table 1

The three pilot statements (Chemistry, History and Law) were not constructed to a general template and hence expressed expectations and performance criteria in their own particular terms. As a consequence, they are a less good fit with the analysis categories than the subsequent statements. A proportion of all the statements did not use the language of learning outcomes and, for these, the learning outcomes have taken as being implicit.

The analysis is necessarily subjective. Other readers of the statements might categorise the statements differently. One person’s detail might be another’s generality: there are no standard levels of detail to which appeal can be made when undertaking the process of categorisation.

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