Assessment in Undergraduate Medical Education

(a) feedback to students (paragraph 85) (b)

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feedback to students (paragraph 85)
ensuring that only students who meet the outcomes are permitted to graduate and that assessments are fit for purpose (paragraph 86)
guidance to students (paragraph 87)
examiners and assessors (paragraph 88)
standard setting systems (paragraph 89)
disability (paragraph 90).
11 Tomorrow’s Doctors (2009) also sets out Detailed requirements and context at paragraphs 111 to 121. These cover:
(a) feedback to students (paragraph 111)
ensuring that all students achieve all the outcomes (paragraph 112)
using a range of assessment techniques that are valid, reliable and appropriate to the curriculum (paragraph 113)
information for students (paragraph 114)
training and guidelines for examiners paragraph 115)
mechanisms to ensure comparability of standards and to share good practice including external examiners (paragraph 116)

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