Assessment in Undergraduate Medical Education

(a) those developing and designing assessment strategies and tools6

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those developing and designing assessment strategies and tools
6 The advice contains some examples of local arrangements, as described by the medical schools or institutions involved or asset out in previous publications. These are included as snapshots which maybe of interest and use to other schools as they develop arrangements appropriate for their own needs and circumstances.
7 Schools are free to make use of this advice insofar as they find it helpful in light of local circumstances. It covers relevant issues and includes suggestions. The advice is expressed as steps that schools could or should take, but it does not indicate any new regulatory requirements or standards. What does Tomorrow’s Doctors (2009) say about assessment?
8 The most relevant section of Tomorrow’s Doctors
(2009) is Domain 5 on Design and delivery of the curriculum, including assessment’.
9 The overall Standard for Domain 5 is at paragraph 81:
81. The curriculum must be designed, delivered and
assessed to ensure that graduates demonstrate all
the outcomes for graduates specified in Tomorrow’s
10 The criteria relating to assessment are reproduced as an Annex to this advice and cover:

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