Assessing professional competence: from methods to programmes

Empirical and theoretical developments

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Empirical and theoretical developments

For each of the first three criteria in the equation, we will describe some developments that we think are meaningful in the light of the future of assessment. We will not highlight, advocate or propose any individual (new) instrument, because we strongly believe that assessment instruments are not goals in themselves5. . The degree to which the various quality criteria are attained is not an inherent, immutable characteristic of a particular instrument 6. 7. . For example, a short MCQ will be unreliable for the assessment of a broad domain and an OSCE will not be valid when it assesses trivial clinical activities in a postgraduate context. There is no such thing as the reliability, the validity, or any other absolute, immanent characteristic of any assessment instrument. We will try to shed more light on this issue in our deliberations below. The discussion will focus on some empirical outcomes and theoretical developments that we consider relevant for further progress in assessment.

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