Art science of behavior management

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Pediatric dentistry

Fifth class د.وسام حامد Art science of behavior management

The foundation of practicing dentistry for children is the ability to guide them through their dental experiences. Longer lasting beneficial effects also can result when the seeds for future dental health are planted early in life.

A professional goal is to promote positive dental attitudes and improve the dental health of society.

The purposes of studying child behavior management

1. To introduce basic information of children behavior.

2. To describe many of the methods used for child behavior management.

Child behavior management defines as that It is the mean by which the dental health team effectively and efficiently performs treatment for a child, at the same time in stills a positive dental attitude. In another words behavior management mean methods used to make the child accept treatment in the dental chair beside educate the child and be sure that he will come a gain for the next appointment.

A major difference between the treatment of children and the treatment of adults is the relationship. Treating adults generally involves a one-to-one relationship, that is, a dentist-patient relationship. Treating a child, however, Usually relies on a one-to-two relationship among dentist, pediatric patient, and parents or guardians. Fig.-l- which illustrates this relationship, is known as the pediatric dentist treatment triangle. Note that the child is at the apex of the triangle and is the focus of attention of both the family and the dental team.

The pediatric treatment triangle illustrates basic relationships in pediatric dentistry

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