Ant Intelligence: Programming Simple Neural Networks in C++

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Edmonton, Alberta

Ant Intelligence:

Programming Simple Neural Networks in C++

As a submission to

Mr. Ralph Witten, Instructor

Liberal Arts Department

Submitted by
Grant Hayman, Student

ASE 414

Computer Engineering Technology

April 6, 2009
April 6, 2009
Mr. R. Witten

Technical Writing Instructor

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

11762–106 Street

Edmonton, Alberta.

T5G 2R1

Dear Mr. Witten:
This letter concerns the completion of my requirements for the NAIT, ASE 414: Technical Report Writing course. You will find enclosed my technical report submission entitled, Ant Intelligence: Programming Simple Neural Networks in C++.
The focus of this paper is on the techniques required to program artificial neuronal networks and how evolutionary computation is applied to evolve the networks. These evolving neural networks when programmed as detailed have the ability to learn solutions to complicated problems, which may not be solved using any other programmatic techniques.
I wish to thank you, Mr. Witten for your patience in correcting my many years of bad writing habits. Further thanks to Mr. Simon Walker and Shane Keleman for assisting me with the intricacies of the C++ language and windows API. I appreciate the contribution this course has made to my ability to communicate technical concepts in an organized and referenced manner.

Grant Hayman

Student of Computer Engineering Technology

Enc. 25 pages

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