Answer: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

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1.This novel is narrated by the cheif, a patient in a mental ward dominated by the Big Nurse. The docile patients are transformed when the eccentirc McMurphy has himself transferred in from prison and contends with the nurse for control. When Mcmurphy gets a lobotomy, the chief suffocates him as an act of mercy and escape. This Ken Kesley novel later became the 1975 best picture. FTP, name this novel whose movie version starred Jack Nicholson.

Answer: _One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest _

2.The value of of the delta H reaction can be measured with this device. It consists of a Dewar flask or thermos bottle and a high precision thermometer. It works on the principle that energy is conserved in this device and none is lost to its surroundings. FTP, name this device that is used to measure heat and sounds something that people on diets might use.

Answer: _Calorimeter_

3.This American party attempted to challenge the major parties during the 1890s by allying an agrarian coalition with labor and other interested parties. The party advocated free coinage of silver and expansion of currency. lowering of transportation costs by nationalization of the railroads and an eight hour work day. FTP, name this party who nominated Weaver for president in 1892 and who supported the deomocrat, William James Bryan in 1896.

Answer: _Populist Party_

4. Born Tara Patrick, her first big appearance came in the May 1996 issue of Playboy. Recently, this former protege of the artist formerly known as Prince has been romantically linked to Cypress Hill's B Real. FTP, name this model who replaced Jenny McCarthy as the co-host of MTVsSingled Out.

Answer: Carmen _Electra_

5. This son of a Thessalian king and nephew of the usurper Pelias, took part in the Calydonian Boar hunt. He was married onece to Aeetes daughter whom he later deserted for Creusa. FTP, name this husband of Medea who secured the Golden Fleece.

Answer: _Jason_

6.This Jewish preiest led a band of fifteen hundred Jews back to Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity. His book coupled with Nehemiah in the early Hebrew canon tells about the journeys of this prophet, his attempt to reestablish the temple and his attempt to morally purify the Jewish community. FTP, name this Old Testament book that comes before Nehemiah.

Answer: _Ezra_

7.This Americannovelist, short-story writer, poet, and critic began her career with her first collection of stories called, By the North Gate, since then she wrote Angel of Light, Crossing the Border, and a Sentimental Education. FTP, name this author of A Garden of Earthly Delights, Expensive People, and Them.

Answer: Joyce Carol _Oates_

8.It started on April 3, 1860 and ended on October 24, 1861. The route started in St Joseph, Missouri and ended in Sacremento, California. It covered this distance usally in eight to ten days. FTP, name this mail delivery system that was phased out after the first telegraph service to San Francisco occured.

Answer: _Pony Express_

9.Pencil and Paper ready: A roller coaster cart starts at rest from the top of the crest 5 meters high. FTP, find the velocity of the cart at the base of the crest, assuming a frictionless surface and assuming gravity equals 10 m/s^2.

Answer: _10 meters/sec_ (Use PE + KE = PE + KE, the masses should

cancel leaving (gh= 1/2 v^2))
10.This American painter was active mainly in Iowa. He is considered to be a Rgionalist painter of the American Scene. He painted The Midnight Ride of paul Revere and Daughters of the Revolution. FTP, name this painter who used his sister and dentist as models for his American Gothic.

Answer: Grant _Wood_

11.Eight Men Out, Mephis Belle, and Roommates. Were some of the movies that this actor starred in. He was a baseball player in Eight Men Out, an aviator in Memphis Belle, and a doctor and a grandson of Peter Falks character in Roommates. FTP, name this actor who starred as a hockey player turned into a figure skater with Moira Kelly in The Cutting Edge.

Answer: D.B. _Sweeney_

12.Tom narrates both the introduction and the conclusion. He tells about his mother who constantly imagens scenes of gentlemen callers of her childhood and about his sister Laura who has withdrawn from the real world. FTP, name this play about the Wingfields written by Tennessee Williams.

Answer: _The Glass Menagerie_

13.This nucleic acid is a pyrimidine. It binds with Adenine, a purine in RNA. The combination of this nucleic acid along with Adenine, Guanine, and Cytosine make up the condons that are necessary for translation. FTP, name this ananlog of Thymine that is transcribed during the process of transcription.

Answer: _Uracil_

14.During this presidents administration, the US expanded its influence abroad but the US economy was weakened in the home front. The first Inter-American conference was held and the US participiated in the Berlin Conference. The Sherman anti-Trust Act, the McKinley Tariff Act, and the Sherman Silver Purchase Act were all passed during this administration. FTP, name this twenty third president who was the grandson of our ninth president.

Answer: _Benjamin Harrison_

15.Both Debbie Thomad and Katerina Witt danced to this opera in the 1992 Winter Olympics. In this opera, Escamillo and Lietennant Zuniga both fall in love with a gypsy dancer. She brushes them off because she is in love with Don Jose. She later changes her mind and returns the ring to Don Jose. The jealous Don Jose stabs her at eh end so that if he couldnt have her, nobody can have her. FTP, name this opera by George Bizet.

Answer: _Carmen_

16.This countrys currency is the pound. It is bordered by three countries, Libya, Sudan, and Israel. Persia conquered this country in 525 BC and Alexander the Great subdued it in 332 BC. The Ptolemies ruled the land until 30 BC. FTP, name this country of King Tutankamen whose capital is Cairo.

Answer: _Egypt_

17.This character was the title of an essay by Jose Enrique Rodo. It is also a character in Shakespeares The Tempest who was freed by Prospero from a pine rift in which he was imprisoned by the evil Sycorax. FTP, name this character who was also the name of The Little Mermaid in a 1988 Disney movie.

Answer: _Ariel_

18.This organelle is double-mebrane bounded with a highly folded inner membrane. IT is the site of cellular respiration, the oxygen requiring catabolic process that extract energy from organic molecules to produce adenosine triphophate. FTP, name this powerhouse of the cell.

Answer: _Mitochondria_

19.This present day city is now Aachen, germany. Two treaties were concluded at this city. The first was arranged between France and the Triple Alliance to end the War of Devolution. The second ended the War of Austrian Sucession. FTP, name this treaty that confirmed the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 and the sucession of the Hanovers to Britain.

Answer: _Aix-la-Chapelle_

20. This philosopher was born in Stagira. At age 18, he went to Athens to study in Platos Academy. He moved to Assos, then to Mytilene, then to Macedon, where he was invited by Philip of Macedon to tutor his son Alexander. This philosopher died in Calci in 323 BC. FTP, name this Greek writer of Rhetoric and Poetics.

Answer: _Aristole_

21.These organic molecules are three-membered oxygen containing rings that are higly strained owing to the acutness of bond angles. They are susceptible ot nucleophilic attack because of the electronegative oxygen that causes the polarization of the carbon-oxygen bond. FTP, name these organic molecules.

Answer: _Epoxides_

22.The main character undertakes his hasty world tour as a result of a bet at his London Club. He and his French valet Passepartout meet with some fantastic adventures, but these are overcome by the loyal servent and the endless inventive Fogg. FTP, name this Jules Verne work.

Answer: _Around the World in Eighty Days_

1.Given a function of a type of RNA, name it for ten points each.

1. Carries information for amino acid sequences from DNA to the ribosomes.

Answer: _Mesenger RNA or mRNA_

2. Carries amino acids to the mRNA on ribosomes.

Answer: _Transfer RNA or tRNA_

3. Structural component of the ribosomes

Answer: _rRNA or Ribosomal RNA_
2.Given a work of literature, name the American author for stated amount of points each.

1. For 5: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court

Answer: Mark _Twain_

2. For 10:The Sketchbook of Geofrrey Crayon

Answer: Washington _Irving_

3. For 15: The Naked and the Dead

Answer: Norman _Mailer_
3.The Thundercats was a great show. Identify the thundercat for ten points each.

1. The young leader of the Thundercats.

Answer: _Lion-O_

2. The cat-like creature who is Lion-Os best friend.

Answer: _Snarf_

3. Name both the twins on the Thundercats all or nothing.

Answer: _Kit_ and _Kat_
4.Answer the following questions about the Battle of Tippecanoe for the stated amount of points.

1. For 5 points: in what year did it occur?

Answer: _1811_

2. For 5 points: what Indian tribe were the US forces fighting?

Answer: _Shawnees_

3. For 15: who led the Shawnees at this battle? (Hint: It is not Tecumseh)

Answer: _Tenskwatawa_ (the prophet)

4. For 5: What president used the slogan Tippecanoe and Tyler Too?

Answer: _William_ Henry _Harrison_
5.Given a country, give its currency for five points each and a five point bonus if all are correct.

1. Portugal

Answer: _Escudo_

2. Spain

Answer: _Peseta_

3: Nicaragua

Answer: _Cordoba_

4. Denmark

Answer: _Krone_

5. China

Answer: _Yuan_
6.Given a painting with night in its title, name the artist for ten points each.

1. ÒNighthawksÓ

Answer: Edward _Hopper_

2. ÒThe Night WatchÓ

Answer: _Rembrandt_ van Rijn

3. ÒStarry NightÓ

Answer: Vincent _Van Gogh_
7.Answer the following questions about blood for the stated amount of points.

1. For 5 points, all or nothing, name the four blood types.

Answer: _A, B, AB, O_

2. For 5 points, what blood type is considered the universal donor?

Answer: _O_

3. For 5 points: What blood type is considered the universal receiver?

Answer: _AB_

4. For 15 points: Both the mother and father have the blood type AB, for five points

each, what is the percent chance that their baby will be type A, AB, or O respectively.

Answer: Type A: _25%_

Type AB: _50%_

Type O: _0%_

8.Given a subplot in a Shakepearean play, name the play for ten points each.

1. Maria, Sir Toby Belch, and Sir Andrew Aquecheek plot to remove Malvolio from Olivias favor.

Answer: _Twelfth Night_

2. Don Juan convinces Claudio that his love Hero was unfatihful, but it is actually Margaret who kissed Borachio.

Answer: _Much Ado About Nothing_

3. Gloucester allows the jealous Edmund to turn him against Edgar, his real son who loves him.

Answer: _King Lear_
9.Given a British monarch, name his or her housr for five points each and a five poin bonus if all are correct.

1. Anne

Answer: _Stuart_

2. Henry IV

Answer: _Lancaster_

3. George III

Answer: _Hanover_

4. Edward VI

Answer: _Tudor_

5. Stephen

Answer: _Blois or Norman_
10.Everyone can name the first five books of the Bible, but can you name the next six for five points each.

Answer: _Joshua, Judges, Samuel I, Samuel II, Kings I, Kings II_

11.Given an equation, identify the chemical quantity

1. moles per kilograms of solute

Answer: _Molality_

2. equivalents per liter of solution

Answer: _Normality_

3. moles per liter of solution

Anwer: _Molarity_
12.Given an eighties song, name the singer for five points each.

1. Girl Just Want to Have Fun

Answer: Cindy _Lauper_

2. Wild Wild West

Answer: _Escape Club_

3. White Wedding

Answer: Billy _Idol_

4. She Drives me Crazy

Answer: _Fine Young Cannibals_

5. We are the Champions

Answer: _Queen_

6. Kokomo

Answer: _Beach Boys_
13.Identify the Canterbury tale from characters for ten points each.

1. Damyan, January, May, Pluto, Proserpina

Answer: _Merchants Tale_

2. John, Alan, Simkin

Answer: _Reeves Tale_

3. Cecilia, Valerian, Tiburtius

Answer: _Second Nuns Tale_
14.Given an event in history, identify what Chinese dynasty ruled at that time for ten points each.

1. The American Revolutionary War starts

Answer: _Manchu or Ching_

2. Henry VIII born

Answer: _Ming_

3. Battle of Hastings

Answer: _Song_
15. Given an opera based on mythology, name the composer for ten points each.

1. Oedipus Rex

Answer: _Stravinsky_

2. Pelleas and Melisande

Answer: _Debussy_

3. The Trojans (ÒLes TroyensÓ)

Answer: _Berlioz_
16. Answer the following questions about circuits for ten points each.

1. A two ohm resistor is connected in series with a 3 ohm resistor. What is the total resistance?

Answer: _5 ohms_

2. Those two resistors are now connected in parallel, what is the total resistance?

Answer: _6/5 ohm or 1.2 ohms_

3. If this parallel ciruit, a voltage of 10 volts was dropped across the resistors. How much voltage is dropped specifically on the 3 ohm resistor?

Answer: _10 volts_ (In parallel, the same voltage is dropped across each resistor)
17.Answer the following questions about the events that let to the Trojan War for the stated amount of questions.

1. For five, who was the goddess of discord who indirectly started the


Answer: _Eris_

2. For five, what fruit did she write To The Fairest on?

Answer: _Apple_

3. For five points each, what three goddesses saw the apple and thought that it was meant for them?

Answer: _Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite_

4. For a final five points, who chose Aprhodite as the fairest who in turn gave him Helen of Troy?

Answer: _Paris_

18. Place these states in order of their secession from the Union from earliest to latest. They all seceded in 1861: Georgia, Missippi, Florida, Alabamma, Texas, Lousiana

Answer: _Mississippi, Florida, Alabamma, Georgia, Lousiana, Texas_

19.Give the author of the following works with the word man in the title for ten points each.

1. For 10 points, all or nothing, I want both authors of The Man Who Came to Dinner

Answer: Moss _Hart_ and George S. _Kaufman_

2. Who wrote The Man Who Would Be King?

Answer: Rudyard _Kipling_

3. Who wrote The Man Who Was Thursday?

Answer: G.K. _Chesterton_
20. Given a work of Philosophy, name the author for ten points each.

1. The Mystery of Being

Answer: Gabriel _Marcel_

2. Either-Or

Answer: Soren _Kierkegaard_

3. Discourse on Method

Answer: Rene _Descartes_
21. Identify these organic compounds from formulas for ten points each.

1. ROH

Answer: _Alcohols_


Answer: _Aldehydes_


Answer: _Ketones_

22. Given two tv series, name the actor or actress that starred in both of these series for five points each and a five point bonus if all are correct.

1. Maude and The Golden Girls

Answer: _Bea Arthur_

2. Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls

Answer: _Betty White_

3. Night Rider and Baywactch

Answer: _David Hasselhoff_

4. Just the Ten of Us and Friends

Answer: _Matthew Perry_

5. Sister Kate and Beverly Hills 90210

Answer: _Jason Preiestly_

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