American Scream The Bill Hicks Story

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American Scream

The Bill Hicks Story

by Cynthia True

Forward by Janeane Q. Garofalo

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Back Cover:
The most outspoken, uncomprimising, and famous unknown comic of all time
Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Andy Kaufman -- add Bill Hicks to that list of brilliant, fearless comics. Just emerging from underground cult status when he died at age thirty-two, Bill Hicks spent most of his life making audiences roar -- and censors cringe -- with biting social satire about everything from former president George Bush to rock stars who hawk diet Coke. His nervy talent redefined the boundaries of comedy in the '80s and won him a list of admirers that includes John Cleese, George Carlin, and Thorn Yorke of Radiohead.

This posthumous biography reveals for the first time what made Bill Hicks tick -- what made him laugh, what pissed him off, and what he saw as his ultimate mission: to release people from their prison of ignorance. From his first comedy gig at Bible camp to his infamous cancellation on The Late Show with David Letterman, Cynthia True portrays an artist whose outrage, drive, and compassion fueled a controversial body of work that still resonates today.

"He was a genius. He was one of the five best comedians I've ever seen in my life." -- Dennis Miller
Cynthia True has written for TimeOut New York, Texas Monthly, Glamour, Rolling Stone, and Harper's Bazaar. She lives in Los Angeles.

American Scream. Copyright © 2002 by Cynthia True. All rights reserved.

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True, Cynthia, 1969-

American Scream : the Bill Hicks story / Cynthia True. -- 1st ed.

p. cm.

ISBN 0-380-80377-1

1. Hicks, Bill, 1961-1993. 2. Comedians -- United States -- Biography.

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To Colleen McGarr

& Duncan Strauss

What I feel most moved to write,

that is banned -- it will not pay.

Yet, altogether, write the other way I cannot.

-- Herman Melville

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