Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

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Priority Medicines for Europe and the World

"A Public Health Approach to Innovation"

Background Paper

Alzheimer Disease

Opportunities to Address Pharmaceutical Gaps”

By Saloni Tanna, Pharm.D; MPH
7 October 2004

Table of Contents

1. Summary 3

2. Introduction 3

Cause 4

3. Size and Nature of Disease Burden 4

Incidence and Prevalence 4

4. Control Strategy 9

DiagnosisError: Reference source not found 9

Research Directions in Diagnosis and Evaluation 10

ManagementError: Reference source not found 10

Pharmacological Therapy Review for AD 11

Psychiatric Management of Non-Cognitive Symptoms 13

Affordability and Feasibility 14

5. Major Problem and Challenges for Disease Control: Why Does the Disease Burden Persist? 15

Risk Factors 15

Trends 17

6. Past/Current Research into Pharmaceutical Interventions of AD 17

Drugs for Disease Modification 17

Drugs for Prevention and Disease Modification 18

7. Current Pharmaceutical Product “Pipeline” for AD Treatment 19

Research into Emerging Technologies 21

Europe and the Fifth Framework Program for Alzheimer disease 21

8. Opportunities for Research into New Pharmaceutical Interventions 22

Gaps Between Current Research and Potential Research Issues that Could Make a Difference 22

9. Barriers to Closing the Alzheimer Pharmaceutical Gap 23

10. European Union Funding Opportunities for AD 25

11. Conclusion 25

10 References 27


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