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To import references from Web of Science

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4.1 To import references from Web of Science

Many reference databases offer downloads directly to your reference programs, which means you don’t have to use import filters. In this case we will search and retrieve records from the Web of Science citation databases. Open your web browser and visit Web of Science via the Geo library’s homepage

Type the terms petrology and mineralogy as topic in the search field, to the left choose Article as Document Type. You will retrieve about 905 hits. Select references no. two, four and five by ticking them:

Then download the references by clicking the EndNote-button.

The references will be opened in your EndNote library automatically.

4.2 To import references from GeoBase and GeoRef

In GeoBase and GeoRef (find the databases from the Geolibrary’s hompage), search for climate change within Subject and GFF within Source Title, LIMIT TO Journal article, you will get approximately 48 records. Select the five first references by a ticking them, then choose the tab Download in the Results Manager (at the page’s top).

In the dialogue box that appears, choose the first alternative format RIS, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager. Then choose download and Open, and find the five references in your EndNote library in Imported references!

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