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The PDF viewer in EndNote x7

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3.6 The PDF viewer in EndNote x7

In EndNote X6 there is a PDF viewer feature, which gives you the option to view your attached PDF directly in your EndNote interface, or open it in a new window.

Open your attached PDF by clicking the PDF-icon (in the figure above Nutrient.pdf), or click on the icon to open your PDF in a new window. Please note that you can save, print, e-mail your PDF! You also have the possibility to make and save sticky notes or highlight text in your PDF.

You could also mark your reference as read/unread, by clicking the dot to the left in the reference list (Mark as Read/Mark as Unread). You also have the possibility to rate your references by clicking and adding stars to the Rating column. You could use the rating systems when you search your library, e.g. say that you have given the reference “Nutrient and carbon budgets in forest soils as decision support in sustainable forest management” four stars, search like this:

4 Import and export references into your EndNote library

In order to get references into your EndNote library you could either choose to work with a database such as Web of Science, do a search, find interesting articles and import them to your EndNote library. Or you could do an online search from inside your EndNote library and import references, this works best if you have few references that you are sure of to want in your EndNote library. If you do a broad search, it is probably more efficient to decide outside EndNote what references to save in your EndNote library. Please, also be careful about what library mode you work in, if you choose the Integrated Library & Online Search Mode, all your references will be imported directly into your library and you have to manually removed records that are of no interest to you. If you work in the Online Search Mode, your records will be placed in a temporary file Unfiled. You can then choose and pick the interesting ones and by right-clicking->Copy Reference To a library or when you have ordered your EndNote library in Groups, you could right-click and choose Add References To a group.

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