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Tips from the coach: use EndNote to create citations and reference lists, but bear in mind that EndNote does not do the whole job! When you have finished your work, then make a plain text copy of your document, and do the final cleanup yourself!  

3.3 Attach files to your reference

There are several possibilities to attach a PDF file to your reference. One is to add it from the References tab File attachmentsAttach file. Or add it by clicking on the paper clip icon or Drag-and-drop the file into the relevant EndNote reference.

If you already, before you set up your EndNote library, have PDFs articles on your computer, you can start by importing them into your EndNote library. With your library open go to File->Import to import one PDF or a folder of PDFs. Note: If your PDFs have a DOI number EndNote will try to create/link your PDF to a reference based on the DOI. Scanned documents can’t be used for this.

How to import a PDF into your EndNote library

Please note the paper clip icon (highlighted) that tells you that there is a PDF attached to your reference. In the left pane: My library, you can see that your library for the moment being consist of one reference (All References); that you have one Imported References and one Unfiled reference – a good way to keep your EndNote library in good order is to organize and file your references in different groups (please see Chapter 5).

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