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A corporate body as an author and how to edit your reference

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3.2 A corporate body as an author and how to edit your reference

If the author is a corporate body e.g. European Union, you must put a comma after the last part of the author name e.g. European Union, - without the comma EndNote will interpret this author as Union, E. If the corporate body has a comma in its name, you have to put in two commas, e. g. University of California,, Berkeley

When you imported a reference that has a corporate body as author from an online database to your EndNote library, always check if the reference is correct! Let us take an example: European Trade Union Institute. (1991). Europe lays off hands. Textile Asia, 22(3), 130-134. (Retrieved from Scopus, Bibliography Created in the style APA 6th), the same reference imported from Scopus into EndNote: European Trade Union, I. (1991). Europe lays off hands. Textile Asia, 22(3), 130-134. In EndNote the author is given as: European Trade Union, Institute

You have to manually edit your reference and alter this to European Trade Union Institute, in the Reference tab, then File->Save, and then choose the Preview tab to see the result:

If you forget the comma after European Trade Union Institute the result will be:

, so don’t! 

Please enter pages like 125-128.

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