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Year: 2006

Title: Sustainable development and climate change

Journal: International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology

Volume: 3

Issue: 1

Pages: 125-128

Keywords: Water quality management; Climatology (be careful to separate by semicolons or use separate lines; keywords can be used to later retrieve the references when using EndNote’s Search command.)

Notes: Good article! Use it! Quote on page 127!

Rating: can be useful, can be used to later retrieve the references when using EndNote’s Search command.

Tips from the coach: The Notes, Research Notes, and Abstract fields can each hold up to 64,000 characters, which is equivalent to about 16 pages of text. Use the Notes field to store personal reminders, such as the location of a quotation in a book or the quotation itself. Use the Abstract field for a brief description of the contents of the work.

The process in EndNote:

Never enter any punctuation in the end of the line in the fields, as punctuation will tell EndNote how to manipulate the information when the program creates a bibliography or a reference list (exception corporate author). Read more in the EndNote tutorials or under Help in the menu.

Some information, such as author names, journal titles and keyword, appears in red text to indicate that this is new data in the term list for this library (find the term list under Tools->Open Term Lists). When you close the reference (or File->Save), it will be added to the term list and the red text will change to black.

Note: Individual author names must be entered one per line. Use the Enter key to shift lines. You type either First Middle Last, e. g. Christopher Smith OR Last, First Middle e. g. Smith, Christopher

If you are entering initials instead of full names, make sure there is a space between each initial.

Save your New Reference (FileSave). In the next figure you can see how the result will look in EndNote and in your reference list (or you could use another output style), choose Preview:

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