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Tips from the coach: Rather than having separate libraries for separate topics which are NOT recommended, you can group references within the one library by subject, create groups and create group sets.

2 Work with your EndNote library

2.1 The Library Window Display Modes

There are three different modes to operate in and you need to be aware of how they work. They are controlled by the menu to the top left.

1 2 3

1 Local Library Mode An option is to work primarily in Local Library Mode and switch to 2 Online search mode when you want to search and download references from an online database. In Local Library Mode, the Online Search groups are not available, once you select the Online Search command from the Tools menu; you are automatically switched to Online Search Mode. In Online Search Mode, only the Online Search groups are available, and references are downloaded into a temporary library. This allows you to download references from online databases without affecting your local library. Note that in order to save references from your temporary list, you have to choose ReferencesCopy References To [Library Name].enl (not the command Add References To). Many library commands are not available in in Online Search Mode.

3 Or, you may want to always work in Integrated Library & Online Search Mode where all groups and commands are available. Please note that when you download references from an online database in this mode, they are saved directly into your open library.

To switch between these modes, click on the appropriate toolbar button.

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