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Sync your EndNote library

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8 Sync your EndNote library

In EndNote X7 there is a built-in syncing function, EndNote Sync, between EndNote and EndNote Web. This gives you the possibility to get access to your references on any computer, and up to 5 GB of attachments. In order to use it, you need an account for EndNote Web. Click on the Sync icon and sign up for an account.

The first sync may take some time, so be patient. Also start by making a back-up copy of your EndNote library, FileCompressed Library (.enlx) Create. Use the dialogue box to compress the library and save the library on a memory stick or e-mail it to yourself, just in case!

Groups will synchronize, but not Group sets or Smart groups.

In Preferences Sync you can choose how to automatically sync your data between EndNote and EndNote Web.

9 Download EndNote and help-pages

The Lund University Libraries Head office and LDC have a site license agreement which makes EndNote and RefWorks available to students and faculty at Lund University. The licenses are financed by the Lund University Libraries Head office and distributed by LDC. EndNote is available for both PC and Mac.

Download EndNote from Studentportalen!

Instructions for how to download:

A Libguide for how to use software tools for reference management:

Thomson & Reuters web page:

And please use the Help function in EndNote! 

A Comparison of reference management software

A Comparison of reference management software, from Wikipedia. A good start when deciding what software to use.

Good luck!

Britta Smångs, librarian (

The Geolibrary

1 Create your own library 2

2 Work with your EndNote library 3

2.1 The Library Window Display Modes 3

2.2 Setting EndNote preferences 3

3 Enter references and attachments to your EndNote library 4

3.1 Manually adding references 4

3.2 A corporate body as an author and how to edit your reference 6

3.3 Attach files to your reference 7

3.4 Find full text to your reference 8

3.5 Attach figures or tables to your EndNote library 8

3.6 The PDF viewer in EndNote x6 9

4 Import and export references into your EndNote library 10

4.1 To import references from Web of Science 10

4.2 To import references from GeoBase and GeoRef 12

4.3 To export references from LUBsearch 13

4.4 To export references from LIBRIS 14

5 Sort and order your EndNote library 17

6 Using EndNote with Word: Cite while you write 18

7 Change and create output styles 20

7.1 How to edit an output style, e.g. GFF 20

8 Sync your EndNote library 22

9 Download EndNote and help-pages 23

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