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In text citations are given as: You are requested to use the author/year format of referencing in the text. If there are three or more authors use the name of the first author followed by ”et al.”. Add a, b, c distinguish between two or more references with the same author name and year. Always list a string of references in chronological order, e.g. (Black 1985, 1991; Smith and Baker 1995a, b; Carruthers et al. 1999). Use ”;” to separate references.

For the Reference list, see examples NGEK01’s homepage:

Here you also find a ENDNOTE style file. to download and use 

Please note that the references should have a hanging indent. An example of an journal article in the output style AMBIO would look like this:

Akselsson, C., Westling, O., Sverdrup, H. & Gundersen, P., 2007: Nutrient and carbon budgets in forest soils as decision support in sustainable forest management. Forest Ecology and Management 238, 167-174.

EndNote can help you to change the bibliography exactly the way you want it.

First, see how the style is constructed:

Go to "Edit Output Styles Open Style Manager". Choose a style and click Style Info to see how the style is constructed. Then choose the output style you would like to change, and Edit Output styles Open Style Manager. Choose style and click Edit. Then go to FileSave As and rename your style, i.e. now you have a new style to do your changes in as well as the original style saved.

Changes to references in the text are made in the Citations section, while the bibliography changes are displayed in the Bibliography section and footnotes in the Footnotes section.

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