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Change and create output styles

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7 Change and create output styles

Output styles represent the rules for creating bibliographies for a variety of journals and other publications. The styles determine how your references look when you print, export, preview, or create bibliographies. EndNote has many styles to choose from, you have also the possibility to import other output styles into your EndNote library via the Get More on the Web function.

Tips from the coach: It is easier to find a style that is close to the one you want and modify it, then to create a new one.

Change a style by selecting the Edit menu and then Output styles and choose e.g. Numbered. In the Preview tab pane you can see how the output of the reference changes into a numbered reference style:

7.1 How to edit an output style, e.g. AMBIO

The reference in the figure above is shown as a numbered list. For your thesis you have to use the reference style that the journal AMBIO uses, see instructions, the style is described in instructions for authors (see the paragraph References):

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