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Using EndNote with Word: Cite while you write

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6 Using EndNote with Word: Cite while you write

One of the great advantages with a reference program is that it helps you to make citations and reference lists that follow the rules or the formats that different scientific magazines requires. The Cite while you write function let you insert references from your EndNote library into a Word document. Use Insert CitationFind citation to search for a reference in your EndNote library.

To create a bibliography, click on Bibliography Preferences and use Format Bibliography for style and layout options. In the next figure, the choosen output style is Harvard, easy to change, scroll in the list With output style.

You can easily edit your refrence in the the Word document without changing the reference in your EndNote library, by using Edit & Manage Citation(s).

Important: You have to do one more thing before your manuscript is ready to be sent to a journal, to a colleague, to your tutor etc, namely to remove all field codes. Go to the Convert Citations and Bibliography in Word, and choose the option Convert to plain text. Now you will get a new version of your Word document without field codes. Give the document a new name and save it. Now it is ready to be sent!

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