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To export references from LUBsearch

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4.3 To export references from LUBsearch

Search for “climate change” and petrology and mineralogy. To be able to save several records from a list of record, you first need to save the entire list in a folder, choose Folder or Alert/Save/Share to create a list to choose what references to export to your EndNote library.

Choose, tick, record number one and two. Choose to the right. In the next dialogue, choose

Press Save, and your references will be exported into your EndNote library.

The procedure in LUBsearh is the same, wheter or not you have an account in LUBserch or use a temporary folder.

4.4 To export references from LIBRIS, The National Union Catalogue of Sweden

You can also search the Libris catalogue and download the references. Unfortunately some catalogues don’t offer programs that import references directly into the EndNote library. Instead, as in the case with LIBRIS, you have to to use EndNote filters to download tagged text files. Database providers typically offer several different download formats. Regardless of which system you are searching, you need to save the references in a tagged format.

Go to EditConnection FilesOpen Connection ManagerGet More on the Web  Use the Connection Finder below to search for a specific Information Provider  Swedish National Library (Libris offical name)

and then choose Download:

Follow the instructions on the EndNote web page:

To search and import references from LIBRIS: Open your web browser and visit Libris via the URL: (or go from the Geolibrary’s homepage).Click Extended search and type the terms “climate change” and Forestry in the Keywords field. Click the search button! You’ll receive approxamately 115 hits, tick record no. one and no. three.

Then choose Save at the bottom of the list, thereafter Cite, the Format should be .RIS (if you have a choice, always go for the Unicode UTF-8 character in order to include special characters like å, ä and ö).

Press the button Save as File and get the next dialgoue box, choose to open your saved file with EndNote X6:

And the records will be imported into your EndNote library (note that the reference type has changed to Books):

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