Advanced reference management with help of EndNote X7 EndNote

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Lunds universitet, Geobiblioteket

Britta Smångs

Advanced reference management with help of EndNote X7

EndNote is a specialized database program for storing and managing bibliographic references. It allows you to enter references manually and to import references from library databases. You can add your own notes, abstracts and other material to the references. The references can be sorted and searched, and incorporated automatically into papers with the references formatted in a chosen style for publication by using it with Word: Cite while you write.

1 Create your own library

First, create your own library. An EndNote file is called a library where every reference has a separate record. Each record is made up of several fields containing specific pieces of information. Now: Open up your EndNote program and choose File New, then give your library an appropriate name, i.e. Thesis.enl, and save it.

When you create your real EndNote library, be sure to also save a copy on another drive for safety reasons! Choose FileSave a copy: The Save a Copy command creates a [library name]. ENL file as well as a [library name].DATA folder for the new library, and copies all necessary files and figures to it. You can also save your EndNote library to a USB flash drive if you want to transport it.

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