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Volume 3
The relationship between maternal self-esteem and adolescent self- esteem was examined in a descriptive, correlational study.The study sample consisted of forty mothers, and their adolescent (eighth grade) children, from six different middle schools in the Metro-Atlanta area.The school version of the
Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory was administered to each eighth grade student who participated in the study the adult version of the Coopersmith Self-
Esteem Inventory was administered to each mother who participated in the study. A high score on the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory corresponds with high self-esteem. Findings from this study showed that there is a positive correlation between maternal self-esteem and self-esteem of their adolescent children.
Although there was a fifty-four point spread between the highest and lowest scores on the Self-Esteem Inventories, seventy percent of the mothers and adolescents scored within fifteen points on their respective surveys. Because self- esteem is closely related to physical and psychological health, awareness of the correlation between maternal self-esteem and adolescent self-esteem will allow nurses to better provide holistic care to patient and families with whom they are working. Specific techniques for building self-esteem maybe both modeled and taught by nurses in their practice. Although the data collected for this study show a positive correlation between maternal and adolescent self-esteem, it is one of very few such studies in recent years. Most research on the subject of self- esteem comes from other disciplines and is outdated. Previous studies have also exhibited a wide range of findings, from a strong correlation between maternal and adolescent self-esteem to no correlation at all between the two. Further nursing research is warranted to increase nursing’s body of knowledge in this area, and to confirm or refute the results of this study.
Study Problem and Purpose
Current research concerning the relationship between maternal self- esteem and adolescent self-esteem is lacking. Further research is needed to obtain information which will allow the nurse to collaborate with the patient to develop nursing interventions that are specifically designed to allow patients to
Adolescent Self-Esteem: Is There a Correlation With
Maternal Self-Esteem?
, L
, L
, M
This paper was written for Dr. Maranah Sauter’s Nursing Resarch course.

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