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This report was made possible by a grant received from the Law Foundation of Tasmania. The evaluators would like to thank the Foundation for their financial assistance.

The evaluators would also like to thank all members of the Mental Health Diversion List Steering Committee for their efforts in overseeing the project and providing advice and feedback on the direction of the evaluation.
During the course of the project, the evaluators gained invaluable assistance from a number of different parties. Thanks go out in particular to Marita O’Connell and Kim Barnes (Forensic Mental Health Services) for all their time and assistance in helping to collect the data (including contacting case study participants) and for allowing the evaluators to be privy to a number of assessments and meetings. Thanks also go to John King (Tasmania Police) for providing access to information about participants’ criminal records.
The evaluators wish to thank all the stakeholders who graciously agreed to be interviewed for the purposes of this evaluation; Deputy Chief Magistrate Michael Hill, Magistrate Glenn Hay, Marita O’Connell, Kim Barnes, Craig Lewis, Mike Dewit, Kate Cuthbertson and Kim Baumeler.
The evaluators would also like to thank Hannah Graham (University of Tasmania, School of Sociology and Social Work) for her help and advice about how to approach the evaluation, Holden Ward (South Australian Magistrates Court Diversion Program) for explaining the intricacies of the South Australian data collection methods, Jodie Lydeker (National Justice Mental Health Initiative) and Jenny Fenton (Forensic Mental Health Services) for organising rooms for the case study interviewees.

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