A multi-Frame Application of Organizational Climate Perception and Job Element Satisfaction in a Higher Educational Environment Introduction

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A Multi-Frame Application of Organizational Climate Perception and Job Element Satisfaction in a Higher Educational Environment


ADENIJI, Anthonia Adenike.


Department of Business Studies

Covenant University, Canaanland, Ota

Ogun state, Nigeria.


The paper attempts to explore the believe that organizational climate generally exert considerable influence on Job satisfaction and the behavior of employees. The variables chosen for the study under organizational climate include management and leadership style, personnel policies, working conditions, and challenging jobs, participation in decision making, boredom and frustration, fringe benefits and suitable career ladder, while for job satisfaction, the elements include clear lines of communication salary package, promotional opportunities, appropriate administrative style, support from superiors, workload and feedback about performance.

Data used for the study consists of the responses to a structured questionnaire of three hundred and eighty-four (384) academic staff ranging from Professors, Associate professors to Graduate assistants of five (5) private Universities within the South-west Nigeria.

The findings of the study show that while the assertion is fully supported, the results of the analysis also revealed that there is a significant positive relationship between the major variables i.e. organizational climate and job satisfaction.

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