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---Bunbu Ryodo ni tsuite Chuko Toju no Mondo---

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---Bunbu Ryodo ni tsuite Chuko Toju no Mondo---

(The two paths of the Pen and the Sword)

(The Questions and answers of Chuko Toju)
Chuko Toju (1608 48) lived during the Edo era and was an upcoming Confucian Scholar. He left his calling to start a new Sect, and became its founder. Arawa Akamani then a Daimyo unified his people to speak good of the ideas and tenets of this scholar. He also added that the people respect and practice his teachings.

Chuko Toju's deeds were honored among his people. The status he gained for himself and his fellow man is of great importance. In his village he was considered a saint or respected sage. This is the way it was passed down. The information on Chuko Toju and the Mondo the questions and answers are about the two paths of the pen and sword.

There are many literary works dealing with the questions and answers of these two difficult paths. There is one volume dedicated on these tenets of the two paths. Some of it is in dispute or controversy. It would take a long time to explain it all so here is a short introduction.
The two paths refer to the "Pen and the Sword" as a vehicle by which the Shugyo Sha lives. It’s like for example birds that have two wings each doing the same thing to achieve a common goal. The idea of Bun and Bu apply also to the two colors of the Imperial throne and the way of the “Pen and the Sword”. To learn more about this ancient idea we would almost have to talk to a person from that ancient era to get an idea how this idea started and developed. One can only speculate on how the two paths come together.
It was a common custom back in ancient times to sit around and talk of tenets of Bunbu Ryodo; it was eulogized in either talk, through poetry or song. It was used to gain "Spiritual Knowledge" as a guide to a path that one should take. One would go either way eventually. The pen was a way of enlightenment and the Sword a martial way. But it was of the nature of the spirit to make that decision. So for all it was a difficult task except for the most adept or skilled martial person.
Originally, Bunbu was thought of as a depraved idea especially when you went to the spiritual side of the creation of heaven and earth. With this analogy people often scoffed at these ideas.
It never occurred to any of them of the correlation of this theory to the "Pen and the Sword". There were no distinctions then between these two principles.
Of course it was human nature to have these feelings of non-understanding of the in culpability because a person could make no distinction between the two paths.
The truth was there, all it took was one man to preach or teach about this idea to catch on and be accepted as a way of life. The origin of this idea of the two paths according to Chuko Toju came from the ideas of Heaven and Earth. The ideas though were thought of on two different parallel planes. If one didn't follow the already set precepts of the Confucian ideas of life then it was destiny to become treacherous.
But in time as the idea of Bunbu Ryodo took hold it changed the way man thought, and many scholars came on board with this idea. There were many judgments about this theory during wartime. The thought process of this was that this idea of Bunbu Ryodo was a very unique idea. But in the end who excelled the military and the literary person? There were many who shrugged off the military cloak and sword and took up the pen.
These were the ones who wrote the accurate history records of the Bushi. The idea of the sword having two edges, one that can take a life and the one that can save a life. This is idea or concept behind the theory of Bunbu Ryodo.
In former times the art of war was thought of as an end or cure all. But many thought differently. So it was decided that in spite of it all there would be an understanding between these two ideals. Budo took on and kept its solemn tenets as did those in the learning the art of the pen. Now that there were distinct separations between the faction’s, strength and courage came about from both. Some found by combining the two rather than separating them also was a benefit but that came about later on. The idea of peace was for protection of the individual. So the ultimate decision was left up to the Bushi.

Shobushin Cho Cho Bushido

(Kakukawa Shuten yori)

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