A historical Perspective During the Reign of

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---Dento to Senren---

Tradition and Refinement
This need and necessity for the "Way” or Do must come from a good adaptation to the environment. So from this we form a course of action in this life.
This martial tradition and succession for a martial culture has been continuously sought after and is great demand therefore in order for one to change one must find the right path in order to change accordingly. This can be accomplished by following a martial art path through use of form or kata to change ones life. This is needed also for both physical and spiritual.

With the emergence of the martial arts in our culture, and readily available source of reference material on the subject one has to look at the practicality of a combat art versus the Way or Do for self- development.

Defense of oneself or a partner in combat or in practice in today’s society has a purpose of developing self-awareness.
Proficiency in Bugei is therefore desired. When individuals in the martial arts depart from their cultural way or Do, they loose the oneness. They must therefore return to their roots to recover themselves.
As for awareness in the connection with oneself and the Martial Arts, training in these systems is the way. The meaning of this type of body exercise is long road. Its succession and expansion lies in the correct transmission of ones particular martial art.
To be born in this ancient tradition you must have been born into this culture. The authors realization of the martial arts culture came into existence during a change in society as a whole during his time. Long ago in an era steeped in ancient history and lore, the martial arts were a combat oriented art as compared to evolution of today’s arts they are steeped in sport competition. Certainly there are alterations or needs for a sport art but a martial arts meaning is often buried and not as easily uncovered or defined.
The continuance for example of sports matches i.e., running, throwing, archery, bowling these are original and are useful. There is no difference in most respects of Sports or Martial Arts. The big difference is in how it’s applied through i.e., shape, form or kata. During the games or matches of long ago the original form stayed the same and should not change.
To rationalize a form in sports exercise is okay but, the level or degree that’s it is applied to in the martial arts is different. As we differentiate between sports and the martial arts in today’s culture one needs to become more familiar with the basics no matter what the art form. For example; Judo, Kendo, Kyudo, Bajutsu and so forth one has to be equally familiar with all these arts, and or their basics and how they are used. To be familiar with all these arts there must be the coordination between the mind, body and spirit, which, is the same for sports.
In Kendo to defend oneself with a shinai from Jigoro Kano's point of view is a change from the way the bamboo sword was supposed to be used. The establishment of Judo's training systems techniques has gone through a variation of changes.
However other sports events as with other Martial Arts in comparison to raw exercise is a specialization and there is a need for a break in tradition from the old training methods in order for an individual to specialize properly he needs expansion.
We Japanese never rationalize a game or an event. At the same time the long tradition of polishing our art comes from hundreds of years of cultural refinement.
The polishing and refinement comes from the common man for example father to son master and pupil tradition, which is the old fashioned way of teaching the Martial Arts. To understand the difference is to see the existence or original meaning of the old fashioned "Way" or (Do) of the Martial Arts.
To know and understand the Kata's is to understand the existence of the Martial Arts original meanings. This must be understood.
The reasoning’s of the nature of exercising or polishing the traditions of the Mind, Body, and Spirit unity is to not retreat from one by either going to the right or to the left. The understanding or logic is in ones martial past. One aspect of this is in understanding the power of the Kiai (Spirit Shout) this is a step in the right direction.
The expression of oneself should come from the everyday teacher of the Martial Arts a motivation to use the skill and ambition as an expression of the “Way” or Do is derived from the martial culture.
The tradition that is the Martial Arts a long time ago is also appraised in the present age as a new grade of what is. The Japanese a hundred years ago, during their sports events where durability and tradition were being cultivated by polishing or refinement of technique through the Martial Arts, where manners and good customs were the foundation of a base existence. Where are the new efforts of the style going? What are we being tasked for?

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