A historical Perspective During the Reign of

An article by the All Okinawan Karate Do League Promotion/Examination Chairman and All Okinawan Karate-Do Kaicho: Hachimoku Meitoku

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An article by the All Okinawan Karate Do League Promotion/Examination Chairman and All Okinawan Karate-Do Kaicho: Hachimoku Meitoku
For everyone in the whole world to become fond of Karate, this idea of victory or defeat is akin to having one foot in the grave. This is speaking metaphorically. The old traditions from ancient times must continue.

To say that in the course mankind takes that there is a big victory or a big defeat means that you are already defeated. With this idea cultivated is very unhealthy indeed.

So to do ones best at any endeavor is to make the world a better place for everyone. Also to not cause or create trouble for other people who live in the same society makes for a brighter and better world. Also in whatever line of work you’re in you should strive to do your best to make the world a better place to live in. You should also make efforts to assist other people in trouble in society or the area you live in. Exemplify Tenacity and perseverance at all times.
Well know in my opinion Karate is an idea of developing the mind. To talk about and propagate the ideas of Karate Do is the way Uechi Kanei strives for. Approximately, 56 years ago Mr. Uechi Kanei developed ideas, which is now bearing the fruit of his labors. That is why this textbook was published, in that in the contents there is a wealth of knowledge and facts that will dispel any misconceptions about Uechi Ryu Karate Do. Now to be able to take this information and print it for all to see was a delight for everyone.
Is Uechi Kanei San Karate? Or is Karate Uechi Kanei San? To learn Karate properly one should go to Okinawa. Uechi Kanei will see and hear of ones endeavors in Karate by way of your teacher’s acknowledgements upon the reading of this book. Uechi Kanei San's gentle qualities are what people will observe and read about in the country or world through their studies and what’s contained in this book.
Now onto the idea of Karate no Goju (The Hardness & Softness of Karate). To know and understand this idea is to pierce the heart of the lineage.

To devote a lifetime to the Art of Karate Do is a way of life for the Bugei on Okinawa.

The "Do" (Or the Way or Path) of this lineage exemplifies the diligence on Uechi Kanei's part in the Art of Karate and he who has worked like a demon to achieve his goals. This would make him a Gonge (A Buddhist Incarnation) I think. An incarnation of precious truth would be a better statement I think.
Under the strong general there must not be cowardly soldiers. Uechi Kanei's naming of his branch Dojo in this textbook exemplifies Honor, and Respect for the Art of Karate. There are few with the love and dedication to continue the research and study needed to understand this Art. For everyone to know what Karate is a different story. There is admiration though for the one voice that knows the actual state of affairs of Uechi Ryu.
At the time of this writing in this prefecture there are 18 branch offices and in world there are 14. This spread is substantial to a degree I think. To respect a colleague or Sempai (Senior Person) there must be a trust gained over the years. This earnestness and guidance that one receives in Karate Do is a way toward the truth. Uechi Kanei's teaching develops this idea into a reality.
Our founder in Karate is perpetual in years. Mans completion of study of his inherent culture is in the independence of the spirit body and mind. Freedom is like independence. This idea is akin to a search in the world for the tenets of Budo or Zen-Do. Freedom to search for the truth, this is perpetual also. For everyone to learn Karate in present times, the vogue way of sports Karate is the style.
In Karate the way of Jiyu Kumite I think is a way of applying the techniques learned in Karate. One must use full force to develop this learning process, but without the information presented in this textbook the way to the truth will be slow. One must without a doubt believe in what you read and practice. To teach these ideas there must be order and reason in this process also.

In the era of ancient times as is now days everything man does affects the whole of the heavens. Again to conclude that Karate's path is like a large tree, always far from everything solitary and lonely.

So to say that one must mirror the current trend of the times; this I think is what Uechi Kanei is trying to get across to the reader of this textbook. In Karate a young person will learn to cherish his or her doubts. To learn Karate the opportunity must be presented. Then again when the person finds the way his feelings or attitudes of life will change for the better.

Karate now and Karate on Okinawa and in Japanese is achieving recognition and making great strides. The present situation or state of affairs of this art is at a peak.

Now more clarification on the above statement that Karate now and Karate on Okinawa and in Japan proper and or worldwide are not the same, but the achievements or goals are. This is a current state of affairs opinion. Worldwide a Karate Do athlete’s first, second or third time exposure to the Kobushi-Ho or Fist Way will have new definitions.
In the present day world of Karate Do the oath or creed in the Olympic arena is to make everyone believe in the realization of the future and the possibilities it contains.
After the passage of Budo in ancient and modern times which in comparison to Sport Karate seems is insignificant, but the possibilities for each continue to blossom. A good analogy would be like after heavy rains the young bamboo shoots come up grow anew, so in kind so will the Art of Karate. This a happy event to witness and it will not cease.
I believe that this textbook on Uechi Ryu Karate Do is a mutual success to the Kobushi Way. There is express approval of this brilliant achievement in this day and era  and there are some against, but one must acknowledge the compliments toward Uechi Kanei and to the executive leaders everywhere and to wish good health and show mercy to all and to this type of cultural art form.
Also, other associations and publications and their members must also be congratulated for their invaluable assistance.
These people who dedicated this material have patterned their life with Karate. So from this we pray that others will send or forward these words to other people in different tongues. Those who have read this book and have been taught Karate will continue to admire this announcement and hope it will be translated into many languages. Who’s to say what we can learn from reading this book. But you have to continue to admire the one message in this textbook: One must look at the philosophic view of life and death and into the idea of MUSO (No thought no Idea) or MUSHIN.

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