A historical Perspective During the Reign of

---A report from the Department of the Prefectural Office

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---A report from the Department of the Prefectural Office

of the Honorable Mayor; Kenji Saiichi---

Mr. Uechi Kanei and I have had long periods of separation between us, both spiritually and physically. But during our childhood we were close friends, always together. During the first 3 to 5 years after our birth we grew and did everything together. We were always loyal to each other even in sharing things. During primary school we were about the same size bodily and even facially. Those present would not be able to tell us apart. We even shared the same desk. Then a seating plan in school separated us.

During these early years Uechi Kanei revered his father Uechi Kanbun and his ideals. Our native Itomi village was the starting point of the Uechi Bushi.
During the some 30 years of the Meiji Restoration Mr. Uechi Kanbun spent 10 of those years in China to study a Chinese art called Kobushi-Ho or the way of the Fist. After which he returned to Okinawa to be honored by his fellow villagers and was held in high esteem for his endeavors. It was many years after his return did he actually turn to teaching again.
After his return to Okinawa as a young man and an accomplished Martial Artist, he went to a festival to watch some local dancers on a stage. He could not help but noticing a nearby Karate demonstration. After observing this Uechi Kanbun started having second thoughts about teaching. Him though being so closed mouth thought better if his idea kept silent and cont­inued to be the gentle soft natured person he had been cultivated into.

He thought often of his future life. How would he ply this knowledge of Kobushi? He was able to observe other people in the Martial Arts and would build his character around those people. But one reason he kept silent was that he thought he was of plain speech and stock and was always easy to make friends with. After Uechi Kanbun moved to Wakayama his son Uechi Kanei was able to learn and concentrate more from his father in the ways of Kobushi-Ho and the Way of the Bushi. During Kanei’s long years of arduous study and training he learned much. He was blessed with a natural talent as his father was.

To learn of the mind/body relationships was to build his attitude to new heights. He learned of justice and to build a proper character or frame of mind. Uechi Kanei inherited much from his father.
From Uechi Kanbun’s idea of father and son relationship Kanei learned the meaning of the ceremonial Kata, which was to enable one to develop the self both

physically and mentally.

Uechi Kanei and I always did things one at a time, but during his mother’s era the martial instruction he received was performed in series of three's. Instruction into being a Bushi was also in three's. There were strict instructions to the procedures of the three's.
At the present Uechi Kanei still learns from his father’s teachings. The idea that a martial person who develops his body parts in becoming a Bujin is to be feared. Back when Kanei was small he was prone to being sick. As years went on this sickness went away. This I believe was due to his pursuit of knowledge into the martial arts. This incentive was not to deter him from his goal. So to go so far as Kanei did in his lessons there came to him a separate reality to the martial arts.
So up until that time of realization there were many times for companions to become idle. In elementary school and always waiting for it to finish each of us had the will to be different. We longed for it. I went to Kyoto. Uechi Kanei went to Wakayama. Each going his own way adopted a natural place in life and each finding new friends in the end.
Even in the era of our childhood there was a friendly spirit between each of us. We had a give and take relationship, to be able to go to each other and ask things and in our leisure time we would pay calls on each other just to get together and talk about old times.
In another matter I would go as tar to say that with our childhood qualities I think that we were keen enough or tuned to each other in a way that even with private disasters which may have befell us we would be able to get help from each other any time any place.
Now Kanei is respected and revered as much as Uechi Kanbun was as original founder of the Uechi Ryu Karate do organization and was his equal. Even inside or outside the prefecture there is an excess of 50 years of ancient history and new and various viewpoints and books planned and projected on the art of Okinawan Karate do which was written as outlines in this preface.
As for the idea of the triad in Okinawan and Japanese Karate it is the Sensei's responsibility to spread the word to the international community of the ideals of Karate and its development. It’s also important to realize that the big 3 or triad as it goes from place to place to promote a happy life and or a person’s career. This is also a feeling of Kanei san and me.
To control this idea of "DO" or the way in this generation to build proper ideas and tenets in a country I say extend these ideas to interested parties in other countries i.e., the United States and center it all from Okinawa. One should be very proud of the statement from the west in regards to Karate do and its propagation. In the international arena it is extremely notable that Karate do's existence and fame has enabled one to bathe in its existence.
From the little village of Itomi on Okinawa we should be proud of the Japanese effort. Uechi Kanbun and Uechi Kanei and all human beings depend on what we write in this book. Also to think of a path or way that you intend to follow as an outsider you must go beyond your limits and you will benefit a great deal from this book and future writings.
You must also consider not future but past accomplishments as in ancient history and literature to be able to respect and understand the Martial Arts. You have to have no doubts as to your path once you have understood. This picture period is an account of Karma and to observe and perfect, is to accomplish what myself and my childhood friend Uechi Kanei have done, so clap your hands thrice and send praise to all.
In the straightforward lifestyle of Karate Do the one person who is devoted to the seeking of the truth and was reincarnated is Uechi Kanei San.

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