A historical Perspective During the Reign of

---The Distinct spirit of Peace A Handwritten Report on the Essay of Karate Do From the Assembly of the House of Counselors---

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---The Distinct spirit of Peace A Handwritten Report on the Essay of Karate Do From the Assembly of the House of Counselors---
This article deals with the Problems of the Chairperson in the development of the foundation for the counter-plan for Northern Okinawa. He is also an adviser to the Uechi Ryu Karate Do Association.

Tomine Ichiro
In our own country Okinawa, Karate  was handed down in the old way prescribed in documents dated 500 years ago. Was it time on Okinawa for the organization and development of a timetable for the creation and expansion of Bujutsu or (Te) during ancient times? In China “The way of the Fist" was to spread this new idea so its doctrines were never lost.
Today on Okinawa the word of Karate Do's uniqueness must be spread. From this action comes it prosperity. With that idea in mind we want to arrive at our goal of understanding the hundreds of years of history, or our learning will cease to exist. We must strive to overcome the language barrier and continue our study and pursuit Taijutsu or the body arts. We also must use our imagination, which is limitless to make this come about.
The results of these actions led to the developing of Karate-Do in modern day and into the ideology of the big three or mind, body, spirit union. These will one day become as one in this art. We must build our footing internationally, and then we will be able to witness the results firsthand. People in general must also be able to listen and to understand what the martial arts are all about and bathe in the international experience of Karate-Do as a world art form.
The knowledge of martial history seems to have been forgotten, and our ties with this ancient era of long ago have been like a test given to us to too unscramble. Only when we find the answer can we reach the zenith of understanding in today’s world as it was back then. Then we will no longer be oblivious to the writings and teachings of long ago.
In understanding and developing Okinawan Karate-Do there must be creativity and expansion of the art of Bujutsu. From this we will be able to see what the martial arts have become. No one knows about the glory of modern day art forms. This has to be accomplished through understanding and friendship only then can the true word of Karate-Do be seen or experienced.
The aim that is needed is the increase in the number of people following a dedicated path or way (DO) in the martial arts. This endeavor is needed in order to gain a proper prospective of the martial arts and gain the desired results. One has to develop this art as a permanent way of life. The conclusion is to gain a needed affect toward the attitude of Bujutsu in order to have an under­standing into the “Way”. Following the Great War WW II were often no surviving relatives to pass on the ideas and principles of Karate-Do and Bujutsu. To understand this problem martial arts history past and present must be read and understood.
To protect, promote and understand the idea of Bujutsu is in understanding its essence or spirit. From this statement we must ask of the reader to increase or build on his or her usefulness or understanding of the spirit of Bujutsu and grow from the brightness and manifestation the spirit of peace. This question of understanding the spirit of peace is also intended for the Military Arts as well. The truth or reality of peace comes from people’s postures or positions they adopt. In following this idea one should know and follow the ideas or principles of the path of Karate Do.
To be able to understand these ideas and become a Uke or receiver one must develop special universal martial arts characteristics. In order to achieve this one must study thoroughly the art of Ok1nawan Karate Do, Japanese

Karate-Do in general. The idea or theory of the triad of the Mind, Body and Spirit must be totally understood.

To reach this personnel objective many of us must arrive ahead of our goal, which entails hard work and study in order to accumulate the knowledge of the Way of Martial Arts.
Up until now Karate Do’s ideas have been split.

There must be a deep understanding of its tenets from within and without.

There is a barrier in understanding terms such as “Rentatsu” which defined as the skill of dexterity. Mans popular use of this term was very rarely written about or used. This is a fact.

The people on Okinawa acknowledge the foundation of the good fortune Of Karate Do on Okinawa. Some of the barriers 10 writing this publication was in counting or cataloging t he people involved. Also in writing this publication there must a consideration for Uechi Kanei-Sama or his personnel ideas and comments.

The foundation of the good fortune of Okinawan Karate-Do is owed to its dedicated practioners. Some of the barriers writing and publishing of this book was in counting and cataloging the people involved in this art. Also, in writing this publication one must take into consideration Uechi Kanei and his personal ideas or comments.

In the title of this book on Okinawan Karate Do several important subjects should be considered pre-requisite, 1. The essence of the spirit, 2. The techniques and 3. The history. For the ease in reading this book it is written in 3 basic parts. The details of these books are extremely important. Over ten years of argument and discussion were done to make these afore mentioned ideas clear.

In Uechl Ryu Karate-Do there was recorded (2) ideas, methodologies or perspectives gained from Uechi Kanbun. There was the idea of love and respect and the idea of developing the mind. There is a gap of 50 years between the two worlds of Uechi Kanbun and Uechi Kanei. But the basic ideas and tenets were held onto. Many years were put into the drafting of this book.
The idea of polishing your style should always be emphasized. In written portions of this book on Uechi Ryu Karate Do's History and reorganization, guideposts were taken from picture periods and inauspicious deeds.
To read or recite the writings of Okinawan Karate Do would have to have a deep understanding of the spirit of Bujutsu and the people.
Another important concept is the universal uniqueness on the abstract ideas of the father and son Master and pupil relationship. This must be under­stood. The very nature or profound universality in this idea must be understood from a western concept. There must be an understanding in the interpellation of the ideograph Karate Do.
In the world the term Japanese term “Shin” which means mind, spirit, or heart must be understood. One should not misinterpret or the above-mentioned definition, but think Shin as being the one. There must be doubt or misunderstanding of this concept.
In ancient times thee were models to study from or with. There were outside ideas which did benefit the tenets of Karate Do. To keep oneself within the barriers of the correct tenets one must read and learn from the old literature and be proud of its accomplishments. One stipulation of Karate Do is in the Structure of the spirit of technique. This understanding is a must. Karate ni Sente or the first move in Karate is an important term. The next question is is there a deed or service rendered by the use of Sente?
The idea of Karate Do on Okinawa is in the dissemination of the idea or symbol of Heiwa or peace. There must be harmony within the spirit. The Japanese idea of peace is a rare request. To understand this idea one must build a natural foundation for a good conscience.
From: Uechi Ryu Karate Do's

Founder Uechi Kanbun; the Martial

Spirit demands of one to live a

transitory life. This is a life of

proud loneliness and in order to

maintain this concept requires a man

who can change the world. The term

Seishin is a personnel one. The idea

that life is circular in nature is a

definite known. To control 2 Paths or

destinies were Uechi Kanei’s idea.
---Comments on the idea of the father/son or master pupil relationship---
This idea comes from the (1.Kobushi-Sei or Fist saint). This idea or two-sided concept comes from Shingi or spirit art wherein the nature or strangeness of entering into (Mui) or inactivity in a spirit art is strange. To carry it to an extreme the expressions man use in entering this concept is termed as Sho or victor­y.

Note 1 The Kanji for the fist way can be termed either Kenpo or Kobushi.

To say that the spirit or mind art has two sides is basically correct. The written ideas, which accompany this book, have immense value. To overcome the barriers in the writing path or Kaku Do is to become one with the way. The idea of written techniques is to exceed beyond mere content but evolve into tradition as being one. To live as man did long ago one can delve deeper into the depths of the mind through enhanced spirituality?
In writing about the history of Karate Do is akin to questioning ones active martial roots. This idea must be thought about. The final idea of Karate Do's mind/spirit ideology is difficult to write about but is tied to the ideology of speech. The writings of Uechi Kanei's toils and labors are deeply respected by all.
The idea of the triad of the mind, body and spirit of Okinawa Karate-Do and Japanese Karate-Do in the future should be in following path of prosperity and steadiness. In the art of Uechi Ryu Karate Do, one must separate the chaff from the wheat and proliferate the commemoration of this publication and celebrate the way throughout the world. Digest this article thoroughly.

The father Uechi Kanbun and his son Kanei are people of in between temperament. This is a virtuous essay of their ideas of `Martial Spirit.

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