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To look at the techniques of other schools the appearance of our techniques probably looks unusual. Of the circular block when practicing Hirate Mawashi Uke one should do so for about 12 minutes a day. This practice should be done with the attitude of "Muishiki" (Automatic or Involuntary Action. The goal is to make it automatic without thought. This technique should be practiced so as to become second nature when in action. From any angle of an attack all expediency must be taken to defend yourself with Hirate Mawashi Uke if you should come into such a situation.

In this technique the action of the defender is to repress and reduce the attackers thrust. When utilizing the Hirate Mawashi Uke in Sanchin you gain in due course mastery and efficiency in the use of this powerful block. When applying this block to repress an attack in Jyu Kumite it gives you good arm strengthening practice.

When you are doing Sanchin or any of the Uechi Ryu Kata the repressing action of any technique should be continued over and over, to perfect the skill in this effective maneuver.
The idea is to use a companion behind who will train with you to thrust with a single punch from behind while you turn and block with the Hirate Mawashi Uke. This will also develop your sixth sense blocking skills, along with strength and endurance. It must be practiced to the point where the technique transcends into automatic action without though.
Ideally, to be able to block a thrust utilizing this technique, it is ideal to push yourself to the limit of endurance. The truth is that this is a very complex skill to develop. It is also ideal in multiple attack situations. The idea of the block and or striking in action 3 times is one of the secret principles of Uechi Ryu. To be able to repress and end an attack in the first seconds of battle decides victory or defeat “One turn one strike”. There are opinions against this idea though.

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