1st Year mrm 2014- 2015 2nd Term

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1st Year MRM 2014- 2015 2nd Term

Research Methods SBS Prof. Pascual Berrone



Management scholars must make many choices when pursuing a research project. This holds for problems encountered in applied settings, as well as for theory generated problems. In the course of this class we will identify some of those problems, and discuss the costs and benefits of the various options available to management researchers.


The objective of this course is to present you with an overview of themes and topics that fall under the general heading of “research methods”. In particular we will focus on tools and methodologies that are commonly used by researchers studying management and organizations.

Our focus will be one of methods and analytical approach to concrete issues. This is not a cookbook tools course, though tools will be discussed. This is not a statistics course, though statistical concepts, problems and analyses are frequently considered.

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