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Figure 6 File- Print

#18$19Print (File menu)

Use this command to send the active document to the selected printer.


Keys: CTRL+P

#20MRU File List (File menu)

The MRU (Most Recently Used) menu displays the six most recently active files. Selecting a file from this list will open the named file.

#21Exit command (File menu)

Use this command to end your WinCupl session. You can also use the Close command on the application Control menu.

Keys: ALT+F4

$22#23Import (File menu)

Use this command to import source files written in a different language and to convert them to CUPL source code.
The file formats that may be imported into CUPL include: PALASM, PLA, Altera TDF, and ABEL and VHDL.


Menu Selection

Altera TDF



Available on the Run Menumenu_run

Select the import type and you will be prompted for the import file. Choose the import file and Open. The file will be converted to CUPL source code and a document will be opened containing the imported design.

#24Export (File menu)

Use this command to export a CUPL source file to another language.
Choose Export from the file menu and you will be presented with the File Export dialog as shown below.

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