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Sort based on power
The solution list is sorted with the lowest power fit being listed first

Sort based on number of devices
The solution list is sorted with the least number of devices fit being listed first
#144 PlPartition Device Selection

Figure 41 PlPartition – Device Selection
Select all of the devices to include in the PlPartition utility.

#145 Running PlPartition

The PlPartition dialog displays the results of the PlPartition utility.

The solution fit compiled by selecting the solution andrecompiling the file.

$146#147K148 ISP Download (Utilities menu)

Use this command to run the ISP download utility from Lattice. For details on the Lattice software refer to the ISP reference manual.

#149 CUPL Tools (Utilities menu)

Use this command to start the three standard CUPL tools and tile them on the screen. The standard tools are: SMCupl, Schematic and WinSim.




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