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WinCUPL provides a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for developing designs using the CUPL compiler and tools. Key features of the IDE include:

Figure 1 WinCUPL Editor

  • Syntax highlighting in the WinCUPL editor that can be completely customized for any language using color and other text attributes.

  • User customizable tool bar and menus for seamless integration of all WinCUPL tools and any other tools and programs you desire.

  • Easy navigation of all WinCUPL tools using the toolbar

  • Truth table editor that allows you to enter binary truth tables into your CUPL source code graphically.

  • Automated tools for generating and managing CUPL macro’s and for referencing CUPL macro’s within source files.

  • Complete 32 bit version of the CUPL compiler and supporting tools.

  • Powerful file import features_import capabilities.

  • Integrated Backpinutil_backpin utility

  • Integrated PlPartitionutil_plpartition utility

  • Integrated ISPutil_isp utility

CUPL Data Flow

The following diagram illustrates the data flow for creating a design and implementing the design using CUPL.

First, a logic description is created using the CUPL language which may be generated from Schematic, SMCupl or manually created using the WinCUPL source editor.
Then, the design is compiled to create a fusemap file for downloading to a device programmer. Optionally, a test specification file may be created to verify the design. CSIM is executed to compare the expected values in the test file to the actual values in the absolute file created by CUPL. When simulation is complete without any errors, the verified test vectors can be appended to the download file generated by CUPL.

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