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JEDEC name = PLD name
If the Download file format for JEDEC/POF/PRG option is selected on the Files Tabdlg_compile_opt_files is selected, this option will force the name of the JEDEG file to be generated from the name of the logic description file rather than the NAME statement in the header section of the logic description file.

#66$67K68Compiler Options - Library

Figure 23 Compiler Options - Library
Device Library
Enter the path to the Device Library file used by CUPL and CSIM. The default library file is set to ..WinCUPL\CUPL.DL. The device library contains a description of each of the target devices supported in the current versions of CUPL and CSIM.
Press the Library button to search for a device library file.

$69K70#71Compiler Options - Device

Figure 24 Compiler Options - Device
This tab displays all of the devices which may be programmed using CUPL.
Device Type
This list displays the types of devices that may be selected.
Device Selection
Use this list to select a specific device. The selection made from this list overrides the DEVICE statement in the header section of the logic description file
Find mnemonic
Use the Find mnemonic button to look up devices and their functionality. The Device Informationdlg_compile_opt_devhelp dialog is opened which displays information to aid in selecting a device.

#72K73$74Device Information

The Device Information dialog displays information for available devices that aids in the selection of a specific device.

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