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Customizable Buttons: (Set up with the WinCUPL - Toolsdlg_wincupl_opt_tools dialog)
Starts the Windows Calculator.
Starts the Windows Explorer.
Opens an MS-DOS Window.
Starts the SMCupl tool.
Starts the Schematic tool.
Starts the Chip Programmer tool.
Starts the WinSim tool.
Defines or Runs an Editor Macroscust_macro.
Starts and tiles the SMCupl, Schematic and WinSim tools.
To hide or display the Toolbar, choose Toolbar from the View menu (ALT, V, T).
To determine what the buttons on the toolbar do, hold the mouse pointer over the button for a few seconds and a tip window will be presented describing the tool.

#48K49StatusBar command (View menu)

Use this command to display and hide the Status Bar, which describes the action to be executed by the selected menu item or depressed toolbar button, and keyboard latch state. A check mark appears next to the menu item when the Status Bar is displayed.

Figure 19 Status Bar
The status bar is displayed at the bottom of the main application window. To display or hide the status bar, use the Status Bar command in the View menu.
The status bar is split into six panes. The left most pane displays a variety of informational messages depending on what you are doing at the time. The second pane displays the current position of the cursor within the file, and the remainder of the panes display the settings of keyboard locks.

#50K51Project (View menu)

Use this command to hide or display the Project Window.

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