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Figure 17 View – Main


Toggles the toolbar On/Off

Status Bar

Toggles the Status Bar On/Off


Updates the editor display colors and formatting

#46K47 Toolbar command (View menu)

Figure 18 Toolbar – Main
Use this command to display and hide the Toolbar, which includes buttons for some of the most common commands in WinCupl such as File Open and Print. A check mark appears next to the menu item when the Toolbar is displayed.

Click To
Create a new editor document.
Openfile_open an existing file in the editor.
Savefile_save the active document in a disk file.
Printfile_print the active document on the currently selected printer.
Remove ( Cutedit_cut ) the currently selected text to the windows clipboard.
Copyedit_copy the currently selected text to the windows clipboard.
Pasteedit_paste the contents of the windows clipboard into the active document.
Perform a Device Dependent Compilerun_devicedep.
Perform a Device Independent Compilerun_deviceindep.
Perform a Device Dependent Simulationrun_devicedepsim.
Perform a Device Independent Simulationrun_deviceindepsim.

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