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Increasing Value

Enter the initial value in the From field and reselect the option to change the values.

Fill Right

Editing the table
The bit patterns in either the input or output variable definitions can be changed simply by clicking on the 0 or 1. The value will be toggled for each click.
You may also set a row of bits for the input or output values by clicking on the hex value displayed in the first column of either variable. You will be prompted for a new hex value for the row of bits.
When you are finished editing the table, choose OK. The table will be coded in CUPL syntax and inserted at the cursor position in the source file.

Figure 16 Create Table
The above table generates the following CUPL source code.
TABLE Input => Output {

'b'000 => 'b'0000;

'b'001 => 'b'0000;

'b'010 => 'b'0000;

'b'011 => 'b'0000;

'b'100 => 'b'0000;

'b'101 => 'b'0000;

'b'110 => 'b'0000;

'b'111 => 'b'0000;}
The input and output lists need to be defined using Field statements.
Field Input = [In0..1];

Field Output = [Out0..3];

$44#45View menu commands

The View menu is displayed when the active window is a document. The menu offers the following commands:

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