1a education in czech republic, great britain and usa

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Neighbourhood: You can make day trips to various places that are within easy reach of London: the old town as Oxford and Cambridge, Windsor Castle near the Thames with the famous Eton Public School nearby, and well-known seaside resorts as Brighton and Southend. Kew Gardens are the Royal Botanical Gardens with the largest collection of living plants in the world. Greenwich is the seat of the national Maritime Museum where the Royal Observatory is situated-here is a brass strip which marks the prime meridian.

Hampton Court is a palace with gardens on the banks of The Thames in West of London. It was built in the early 16th century and larged by Henry VIII.

4b) Food

For many people in our country food, eating, sometimes also cooking, is a downright pleasure. There are some people who eat just once a day - they have one continuous meal, other are figure-conscious and try to fast, cut down on some fat and sugar, or go on a slimming diet. For many others cooking and eating is a nuisance and they do not care much about meals.

On the whole we eat more than the British or Americans do and our food is known to be less healthy. There is no expression in England for „dobrou chu“, which perhaps reflects the English attitude to food. Maybe we can say: „We eat to live, we don’t live to eat.“ In the past the British cuisine did not enjoy a very good reputation. But it has improved considerably. Also the renowned English picnic has changed because people like more comfort today.

We should also think about our healthy lifestyle when we eat. But it’s very difficult in this time say what is or not healthy. You don’t have to eat more than you can or eat nothing. The best way is well-balanced food. The healthy food include fruit, vegetables, cereals, vitamins, minerals, good water, milk, cheese, little salt and spices. It’s not good idea to be vegetarian, because meat contains a lot of important substances - from the meat it’s poultry, lean meat, sausages, fishes or smoked meat. Than also is good to eat fibrous food, dark bread instead of white bread.

We should avoid restaurants with fast food because there are food with high calories and whit a lot of fat. But especially for Czech people is difficult to eat healthy because our national dishes are very fat and unhealthy. Among suitable eating habits sort eat slowly, take time to eat, eat at a nice seat table, eat more time a day in small amounts.

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