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Greenhouse effect can also cause climate change. Without this effect there could be no life on earth because the earth is warmed up naturally by the atmosphere which traps solar radiation. But manmade atmospheric emissions, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, CFCs from aerosol and refrigerators and water vapour prevent the heat from escaping. The result is a rise in the Earth’s temperature, the melting of arctic ice and the flooding of areas situated near sea level.

Ozone is another air pollutant. It is produced by the reaction of sunlight on car exhaust fumes and is a major air pollutant in hot summers. On the ground level ozone can cause asthma attacks, corrosion of certain materials and stunted growth of plants which lowers the yields of some crops. On the other hand, ozone forms a layer in the upper atmosphere which protect life on Earth from ultraviolet rays, which is a cause of skin cancer. A continent-sized hole has formed over Antarctica as a result of damage of the ozone layer, caused in part by CFCs.

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