1a education in czech republic, great britain and usa

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In the countryside there is a clean air, but it sometimes very bad smell. We are in a nature, we can listen birds singing and almost every where is piece. You can make a walk in a forest just mushrooming, pick bilberries, blackberries, strawberry and other tasteful things. At the weekend a lot of people are with their family, they make some reconstruction on their house or make a picnic with their friends.

The transport here is very rare, so without car you can’t do nothing. The normal community facilities are in a bigger distance. So in a most causes job is also in another village. There is also the problem about the schools and small children. All people must wake up earlier, than school or job are far away. But small children have enough place for playing and here is very good have a pet like dog better than in the city.

But here is no cultural life. Maybe cinema, but there are only old films and on cultural house. People see each other in one cheep pub and that’s all.

The supermarket have only the most important goods, but it’s cheep.

Every one know every other. You have any private life. Everyone wants to know everything.

You must go in a work and you must also respect you house and sometimes also after job repairer it.

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