1227 Bainbridge St. #2B philadelphia pa 19147 Phone: (703) 507 2402

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Jeff Antsen


May 17th 2017
1227 Bainbridge St. #2B Philadelphia PA 19147

Phone: (703) 507 2402


To continue build on my technical and data-analysis skills using R or other statistical software.

Dissertation: Why Bother Choosing Anyway?

Explaining the Emergence and Resilience of Rights Frames rooted in Immutability Claims

Dissertation Prospectus Defended: May 30, 2016

Chair: Kevin (Vin) Arceneaux, PhD American Politics, Temple University

Heath Fogg-Davis, PhD Political Theory, Temple University

Nora Jones, PhD Associate Director of Urban Bioethics, Temple University

In my dissertation, I explore the deployment and use of arguments which draw on the immutability of identities of historically stigmatized groups in order to promote rights for those groups. I conceptualize these immutability arguments as biologic frames, or biologic attributions. My project draws on and joins the literatures around framing (from political communication) and attribution theory (from psychology).
I focus on when and why these biologic attributions have been drawn on, by mass media and in policy discourse. I start with a study of the history of immutability arguments used regarding the LGBT community. Studying the history and dynamics of different frames for LGBT rights gives me a foundational theory for examining immutability frames in other contexts. I hope to use this theory to understand why biologic frames continue to be widely used, both in mass political communications as well as within many of these communities. This seems puzzling given the limitations immutability frames place on the agency and lived experience of members of these groups.

Temple UniversityPhD candidate, Political Science – 2015-Present

Temple University - Master of Arts, Political Science – 2014

Passed comprehensive exams August 2014

Cumulative GPA 3.93

University of Pennsylvania – Master of Bioethics – 2012

Cumulative GPA 3.94

Lehigh University, (Bethlehem, PA) – 2009

BA/BS dual degree: Political Science, Philosophy/and Biology

Cumulative GPA: 3.66 173 credits earned

Professional Experience:
Program Development

Assistant Director, Temple University MPP Program Summer 2016 - Present

As AD of the Master of Public Policy Program, I work directly with Dr. Gary Mucciaroni, the MPP Program director, and other administrative offices on campus. My core job responsibilities include directing recruitment and outreach, and managing new student admissions. I also work to increase program visibility and public contact through programming and our web presence, coordinate program development and inter-department partnerships, and support our students and faculty.

In-Classroom teaching

Instructor: POLS 0832 – The Politics of Identity in America Fall 2015 &

(two sections each term) Spring 2016

Instructor: POLS 2496 – Introduction to Political Theory Fall 2014 &

(two sections each term) Spring 2015

Online teaching

Instructor: POLS 2496 Introduction to Political Theory Summer 2016

Fellowships and Awards:

Digital Scholarship Center, Research Fellowship Fall 2017

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research,

Fellowship for Attendance Summer 2016

Instructor of Record, Temple University 2014-2016

University Fellow, Temple University – fellowship for first 2 years 2012-2014

Travel Grants, Temple University – presenter, ASBH general meeting 2014 and 2015
Technical Skills:
R – “advanced beginner”, with basic proficiencies in creating and manipulating datasets, and with text analysis methods.

Microsoft Office – proficient, regular user of MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Professional Activity:
Presenter, American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) 2014, 2015

American Political Science Association - member 2015 Ongoing

American Society for Bioethics and Humanities – member 2008 Ongoing

Queer Bioethics Consortium – member 2011- Ongoing

Lambda Grads – UPenn’s LGBT graduate social/professional network 2009-2012
Leadership / Organizational Management Experience:
President: Temple U. Political Science Graduate Student Association 2016-2017

Executive Board Officer: Political Science Graduate Student Ass’n 2013-2016

Head Resident Advisor (HRA/ “Head Gryphon”), Lehigh University 2008-2009

Directed ~200 student residence area, supervised 4 RA staff. Organized student and RA events, scheduled staff, served as community liaison to university admin

Resident Advisor (RA/ “Gryphon”), Lehigh University 2006-2008

President: Alpha Chi Sigma professional Chemistry Fraternity, Lehigh 2008-2009

Events Coordinator: SPECTRUM –LGBT student organization, Lehigh 2006-2007

Other Honors:

Certificate of completion, ICPSR 2016

Certification for Teaching in Higher Education, Temple University 2015

Certification for Clinical Ethics Mediation, University of Pennsylvania 2012

Dean’s List (GPA above 3.6) – 7 of 8 semesters (while at Lehigh) 2005-2009

Dean’s Scholar – awarded upon acceptance to Lehigh 2005

~References gladly available upon request~

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