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Meta-cognitive therapy and Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment to alleviate the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder

Marjan Karegarzadeh1 and Zahra Daneshvar 2*

  1. PhD Student Of Psychology, Shahid Chamran Beranch University, Ahvaz, Iran

  2. PhD Student Of Psychology, Esfahan Beranch University, Esfahan, Iran

Corresponding Author: Zahra Daneshvar


Background: Although it seem that metacognitive processing system have a remarkable impact on general anxiety disorder (GAD), but studies about the effectiveness of metacognitive interventions in reducing the GAD symptoms are not frequent. The purpose of this study was comparing the effectiveness of metacognitive (MCT) and Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment (BAT) on reducing GAD symptoms and metacognitive beliefs. Methods: In this clinical trial study, 45 patients with GAD who met the diagnostic criteria by psychiatrist or psychologist, were selected randomly from the patients referred to psychiatric and psychological clinics and centers of Ahvaz City, Iran, in 2012. They were randomly assigned into three groups of cognitive-behavioral intervention, metacognitive intervention and control. Data were gathered before and after the interventions via general anxiety disorder scale (GADS) and metacognitive beliefs questionnaire (MCQ). Data analysis was done using Multivariate ANOVA and LSD post hoc statistical tests. Findings: There was a significant difference between three group scores at post-test (P < 0.01). The mean scores of metacognitive therapy group in GAD symptoms and metacognitive beliefs were lower than other two groups and as well as Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment group rather than control group. Conclusion: The metacognitive and Brief Behavioral Activation Treatment interventions are effective in reducing GAD symptoms and metacognitive beliefs but first one is more effective.

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